Safeguarding your Home

Security System
Making sure that your home is safe, is actually part of new home maintenance. Having a security system that is adequate will not always be enough, sometimes you will need something that can provide you an extra level of protection. The simple fact is that crime is on the rise and more and more people are falling victim to crimes on a regular basis. You will want to make sure that you install a system that includes motion sensors as well as ample number of cameras to cover all parts of your home that might not otherwise be seen. Many systems will contact the police for you if it detects that there is an issue, this can be helpful as it will not bring attention to the thief and will increase the chances that they will get caught by the police.

Cutting Shrubs to Decrease Blindspots

There are a lot of home owners that will want to have tall bushes and shrubs to help and increase their privacy. This is a great thing but it also poses a threat to your home as thieves may still want to break in seeing that your home provides them plenty of cover for them to break in and not be detected. Cutting these back to provide a better view of your window will decrease the odds that someone will break in since they have nothing to cover them while doing it.

Loose Boards in Your Fence
There is a security risk that is posed when you have loose boards in your fence. Thieves love these weak spots and make sure that they manipulate these loose boards as part of the way to gain access to your home without being detected. It is imperative that you make sure that you keep an eye on things like this and as soon as you discover it, that you replace them and take away the temptation from the thief. If you don’t have a fence that has boards, look and make sure there are no weak spots in the metal part of the fence, this again can lead to serious security issues that a thief will take full advantage of if they are able to. Replacing the metal sections of the fence will be crucial in helping to reduce the odds that a crook will be able to break into your property via the broken fence.

Securing Your Doors
Installing and inspecting the doors and locks on a home will be a good step that you can take in helping to secure your home. Weakened parts of the door frame leads to invites for a crook to come into your home and rob you blind. Installing deadbolts that are nice and strong will help you to make sure that your home is safe and that there are not that many places that the crook can use to gain access to your home. The use of deadbolts will reduce the ease of breaking in through the door and robbing you of your property.